Events & Exhibitions

Apart from our commitment to promote social causes, we organize specialized and customized road shows, B2B meetings and international seminars on contemporary topics, conferences and symposium


events4_02Solid Waste Management

Concern for environmental safety, conservation and preservation has been a global concern that is being discussed and debated at various levels – local, national and global. In an unprecedented initiative, New Media has organized seminars on the burning topic of Solid Waste Management (SWM) in 14 national centres across India.

events2_02Safer Tomorrow

Under the auspices of the PROTECTOR magazine, New Media has also launched a series of seminars on the topic of Safer Tomorrow, beginning with Mumbai.



evets3_02Fight Against Terrorism

Publication of Fight Against Terrorism, a monumental compendium of speeches by eminent personalities, security analysts and experts compiled from a series of seminars organized by the Mumbai Police. Today, Fight Against Terrorism is in great demand with terrorism emerging as a perennial threat to the nation.


events1_03Fashion Jewellery Show

New Media, in association with various jewellery associations has been organizing jewellery fashion shows across India.