NEW MEDIA is India’s largest bilateral trade magazine publishing house, with a strong global focus and outlook. Its publications in English, as well as bilingual, in French, Spanish and Russian, cover India’s bilateral trade with over 125 countries spanning across the globe. At a time, when India is emerging as a global economic player, New Media celebrates the spirit of enterprise; for it is the spirit of enterprise that is at the heart of any great economic success story.

Since, its inception in February 2002, NEW MEDIA has strived and succeeded in connecting major wealth creators across the world and forging them into a vibrant global business community. The Mission of this media venture, based in India’s commercial capital of Mumbai, is to ensure that countries contribute to each other’s prosperity to make the world a better place to live in for all.

For us, this is merely the beginning. We are determined to push the boundaries of trade and business writing, in pursuit of our mission of connecting global wealth creators. Our dreams go beyond that. Our dreams – in our own humble way – are of trying to make a difference to this world through work, that is beneficial not just to the business community but to the society at large.