Asian Nuclear Energy


Nov-Dec 2012

India Canada Sign Deal to Facilitate Uranium Supply

The prime ministers of Canada and India have finalised a deal that will allow a nuclear cooperation agreement signed over two years ago to be implemented, opening

Sep-Oct 2012

India Committed to Nuclear Safetys

Dr.Ratan Kumar Sinha, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India and Leader of the Indian Delegation to the 56th….

Mar-Apr 2012

Nuclear Energy Option Best, Indian Plants Pretty Safe

Power-starved India cannot give up the nuclear energy option, despite vociferous protests against it on the grounds of safety…..

Sept-Oct 2011

Learning Lessons In Nuclear Safety

Dr. Eric Loewen, President of American Nuclear Society (ANS), is also the Chief Consulting Engineer….

Nov-Dec 2010

US Assured on Nuclear Liability Bill

While it stopped short of a straightforward commitment, the joint statement between India and the US at the end of President….

May-June 2010

N-Security Vital for Development of N-Energy

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has asserted that nuclear security is essential for harnessing nuclear energy….

Oct-Nov 2009

Exploit N-Energy’s Vast Potential for Human Progress

While inaugurating a three-day International Conference on ‘Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy-2009 held….

Aug-Sept 2009

India, Future Global FBR Tech Leader

Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and Secretary to the Department of the Atomic…

September-October 2010

U.S. Nuclear Trade Mission Looking for Joint Ventures

In a significant move that may trigger nuclear commerce on a massive scale between the United States and India…