We believe in the global reach and power of the electronic media. Our electronic magazines, or e-Zines, distributed via e-mail and posted on our websites are subject-specific, timely and topical. These serve as critical preludes to our print publications. Their periodicity ranges from weekly to fortnightly. These are brief in content but indicative of the larger perspective of the print magazines that follow and touch wide ranging issues of investment opportunities, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, R & D, new technologies and technology transfer.

This e-Zine publishes information about nuclear commerce, latest news on collaborations, nuclear plant constructions and business opportunities pertaining to the field of nuclear energy. It also conducts interviews, obtains views of eminent nuclear scientists and experts in nuclear power generation and those involved in nuclear commerce.


The e-Zine is dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector covering the latest news and trends, business opportunities across the globe, new technologies, opinions of industry leaders, events update, research & development, etc.


Reports on issues pertaining to bilateral trade, commerce and investment between India and Canada.


A customized newsletter for Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India’s foremost pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Today, it is an integrated global company which provides innovative medicines at affordable prices. Dart Board highlights the various developments taking place at Dr. Reddy’s round the year.

HASDA (Weekly)

A customized newsletter for health food and dietary supplement and associations. This newsletter meets the swelling urge of the health-conscious people for information about health and wellbeing.


These portals are brand-builders. They offer innovative, interactive platforms for business communities to interact and explore opportunities and help them expand their business horizons. These portals present a broad picture of local and global trade and business trends and analyze the scope of commerce, identify emerging markets and thereby help you contribute to creation of wealth and generation of employment avenues. In a nutshell, these portals are promotional tools for your company profiles, your products and your achievements. They will help you hone your communication skills and help you promote your company as a brand.

PHARMAQUEST www.pharmaquest.biz:

Pharmaquest Portal is dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector covering the latest news and developments across the globe. It focuses on mergers and acquisitions and present emerging opportunities. It updates you on foreign direct investment (FDI), government policies and FDA rules & regulations and approvals. It covers in detail the information offered by various associations. It offers a vast database of companies/professionals associated with the pharmaceutical industry world wide. It is an ideal platform to advertise your services, products and achievements.

ASIAN NUCLEAR ENERGY www.asiannuclearenergy.com:

Time has arrived for nuclear power to energize the entire world and help rectify global climatic aberrations. This portal is designed to promote global nuclear commerce and thereby helping the cause of energy security of every nation. With India emerging as a huge market, this portal has its role clearly cut out. This portal will be a referral source for information, events, trade missions, investment and emerging markets. This will be an ideal portal to promote nuclear equipment and technology.

SME LEAD www.smelead.com :

Small is beautiful, said famous ecologist E. F. Schumacher. We believe small is also powerful. India, an emerging economic powerhouse, has an estimated 50,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In many sectors, SMEs are responsible for driving innovation and competition and employment generation. Their contribution to wealth creation has been immense. For connecting SME’s across the globe & to bridge the information gap this portal acts as their powerful transnational platform.

GFDR www.gfdr.org:

The Global Forum for Disaster Reduction (GFDR) is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable disaster reduction through a synergy of knowledge and skills. We at GFDR propose to tap global experiences, knowledge and skills for the development of national and local strategies and hence our motto, global vision and local action. The USP of GFDR is the creation of a vital, extensive and comprehensive database, updated constantly to accelerate the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation towards sustainable development.