The magazine was launched in partnership with AUSTRADE and WATO (Western Australian Trade Organization).Australia is fast emerging as one of the most important trading partners of India. Australia is bestowed with enormous amounts of energy resources, minerals and agricultural produce. Bilateral trade between the two countries is today at an all time high. Indian companies are investing in Australia’s oil & gas sector. Australian companies in turn are investing in Indian mines and minerals sector. Growth prospects for two-way investment flow are unlimited.

Indo-Australian Business has been serving the business needs of entrepreneurs as well as promoting governmental efforts at boosting bilateral trade. The magazine is distributed in India and Australia among the business communities, diplomats, government officials and decision makers.

Sept-Oct 2008

A Mining Summit for Mutual Benefit

A two-day ‘Global Mining Summit’, which is being be held in Kolkata on 6 and 7 November, 2008, will showcase the mineral-rich India as the ideal destination for investment.

July-August 2008

Indo-Australian FTA by 2009

The Australia-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will be a reality by 2009, as discussions at the highest level at the annual Joint Ministerial….

March-April 2008

From Mines to Wines: JV’s the Buzzword

On 13 March 2008, the day when South Australia Premier Mike Rann was in New Delhi holding talks with…

Jan-Feb 2008

Rudd Regime Ready To Face Challenges

Australia’s new Prime Minister Kevin Michael Rudd in an address to Lord Mayor’s Business Breakfast in Perth…

Sept-Oct 2007

Huge JV Potential In Food Processing

India and Australia have identified food processing and agri-business as the areas of future cooperation between…

July-August 2007

Trade Pact Soon on Uranium Supply

In a major departure from its previous policy, Australia has decided to sell uranium to India, a significant development….

May-June 2007

The Best Choice For Biotech Investment

Leading-edge research and development, exceptional scientific talent, unique biodiversity and a track record of commercialization…

March-April 2007

Higher Education in Australia Setting the Global Benchmark

Australia is emerging as one of the most sought-after destinations of higher education for students…

Jan-Feb 2007

Towards Forging Stronger Synergies

Western Australia accounts for as much as 50 percent of Australia’s total exports to India, comprising…

Nov-Dec 2006

A World Leader in Mining & Energy

Australia is a world leader in the global minerals industry thanks to the country’s abundant and diverse minerals resources…

May-June 2006

The Vibrant Spirit of Entrepreneurship

When two vibrant economies collaborate, bilateral trade is bound to boom. Australia’s economy has been on the upswing…

Mar-Apr 2006

Now, the Big Leap!

Prime Minister John Howard visited India in 1964 as a young law graduate on his way to England…

Jan-Feb 2006

India is an influential global player whose interests converge with Australia’s

There is a great convergence of interests between India and Australia…

Nov-Dec 2005

Excellence has no parameters

On a cool October evening, Western Australia’s Premier Geoff Gallop took Mumbai by storm. Full of dynamism and exuding confidence….

July-August 2005

A New Global Brand on the Rise

Australia is a surplus country in agricultural products. In fact, the country’s farm exports sustain part of its imports…

March-April 2005

Coming up Trumps Down Under

An international education degree in hand has become more of a need than a status symbol for Indians these days…

May-June 2005

INDIA An Emerging Global Hub

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Kamal Nath has invited Australia to invest more in India and stressed…

Jan-Feb 2005


The Newly-appointed High Commissioner of Australia to India, John McCarthy, has the experience of working with varied cultures…

Nov-Dec 2004

Two cheers for the and tested ties

The Gold Coast is reinventing itself through a $2.6-million campaign, which was unveiled in early November….

Sept-Oct 2004

The Indian economy is likely to grow very strongly…

Congratulations on a successful first year for the team at Indo -Australian Business Magazine….

July-August 2004

Victoria is Australia’s Foodbowl

Australia’s Victoria Province has a fertile soil that is conducive to growing foodgrains on a large scale. Some of the holdings….

May-June 2004

Australian Legal Service System Welcomes Indian Practitioners

Dr David Bennett, AO QC, Solicitor General of Australia, was the leader of the recent….

March-April 2004

Australia and India are changing and have an enormous amount to offer to each other

While India has emerged as a globalised economy in the recent…

Jan-Feb 2004

Our government led by Premier Bob Carr considers India as a very important economy

“Whenever Indian business people are looking to trade…