Since India and Israel established full diplomatic ties in 1992, great progress has been made in many areas of collaboration. These include irrigation and water management (where Israel has made immense technological breakthroughs), defence, science and technology, among many others. The Indo-Israeli Business seeks to facilitate interaction amongst the officials and businessmen of the two countries, in order to further boost bilateral trade. It covers all areas of bilateral trade, including emerging sectors or potential areas of collaboration.

The magazine is published in partnership with the Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai.


March-May 2012

Israel: The Multi-faceted Mosaic of Antient and Ultra Modern

When one talks of Irael, the immediate thought that comes to mind is its rich ancient history and culture, its historical, archeological, and religious sites and…,

April-June 2011

Agriculture in Israel: Riding High on Innovations

In spite of being a largely barren land, Israel has made extraordinary strides in the expansion…

Sep-Nov 2010

ISRAEL’S Innovative Homeland Security Solutions

Ever since its founding in 1948, the state of Israel has faced the threat of terror attacks from rejectionist organizations…

June-August 2010

Israel: A Centre of Excellence for the Global Automotive Industry

With the world increasingly challenged by congested roads..

March-May 2010

ISRAEL: Global Leader in Life Sciences

Biotechnology – one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide – is reshaping our lives. New drugs are being discovered…

Oct-Dec 2009

Creating Wealth from Water

India shares very cordial and expanding bilateral relations with Israel. In the last few years, trade between the two countries has become more diversified…