India and Switzerland have over six decades of business association. Swiss companies have provided technology and machinery to India in its initial stages of development. Swiss firms such as Nestle and Novartis are as Indian as they are Swiss. Their indigenization is total. Today, the countries are trading as equal partners in progress. Switzerland has emerged as an ideal investment destination for Indian companies keen on making their presence felt in Europe.INDO SWISS BUSINESS magazine is published in association with Swiss Business Hub, a member-business network, Switzerland, under the patronage of the Swiss Consulate, Mumbai. The magazine is distributed in India and Switzerland.


October-December 2010

60 & Going Strong

On 14 August 1948, India, then a year-old fledgl ing democracy, signed a Friendship Treaty with Switzerland, a small country tucked away in the snowy Alps…

July-August 2008

Managing the Global Credit Crunch

The credit crunch that began in America’s subprime mortgage market has erupted into a fullscale global financial crisis….

Jan-Feb 2008

Tourism: A Powerful Engine of Growth

Tourism is an important sector of the Swiss economy. It is a powerful engine of growth because, it generates income…

September-October 2007

Roadmap Ready

The Swiss Bankers’ Association (SBA) has drawn up a roadmap for launching an overarching 2015 financial centre strategy…

July-August 2007

IPRs Pact: Yet Another Landmark

India and Switzerland, which are celebrating 60 glorious years of their abiding friendship, have sculpted yet another milestone…

May-June 2007

Celebrating the Spirit of Friendship 60 Years

It has been six decades of enduring and fulfilling friendship since India and Switzerland signed a treaty on 14 August 1948…

March-April 2007

Ticking All the Way to Glory

The Swiss watch, the world’s most trusted and prized piece of machine, is on a roll. In the face of competition, counterfeiting…

Jan-Feb 2007

The Great Swiss Banking Skill of global Asset Management

Switzerland, the most bankable country in the world, is also the ‘global benchmark’ for asset management…

Nov-Dec 2006

Getting Reoriented to Growing Global Needs

The economy of Switzerland is linked to the movements of global businesses, their ups and downs. This is because, the small…

May-June 2006

Swiss Economy: Back to Bounce & Buoyancy

The Swiss economy is bouncing back to buoyancy. Various indicators point to this development…

Jan-Feb 2006

A Matter of Trust

And of course, it’s also winning and retaining the client’s confidence. That’s the essence of any business, close to US$ 6,000 per person, especially of insurance…

November-December 2005

Synergy Soars Sky-high

Switzerland’s Secretary of State Jean-Daniel Gerber was in Mumbai recently, along with a high-powered business…

September-October 2005

The Pursuit of Excellence

What appears to be a high-sounding philosophical approach to most people is just the way of life for the Swiss….

July-August 2005


Despite a very unfavourable base effect, the value of Swiss watch exports continued to grow in June…

May-June 2005

A Toast to Further Strengthen Indo-Swiss Ties

The Indian President, Dr.A.P.J. Kalam, speaking at the banquet given in his honour by the President of Switzerland…

Mar-Apr 2005

Banking & Finance – The Timeless Pillars

Switzerland is known abroad for its beautiful landscapes, chocolates, watches, cheese, high-tech products and of course its banks…

Jan-Feb 2005

The Grooming of Global Grads

I am a business-oriented person and my aim is to expand business….

Nov-Dec 2004

Indo-Swiss Ties to Ensure Global Stability, Security and Peace

On the 29th of November, 2004, the Swiss Minister for Defence, Civil Defence and Sports…

Sept-Oct 2004

Swiss keen on tie-ups J.P. Chowdhary in banking, tourism

Switzerland celebrated its National Day on August. 1. Observed since the end of the 19th Century….

July-August 2004


It has been a very eventful four-year term in India for Consul General Josef Renggli….

May-June 2004


Mr. Lorenzo AMBERG, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi, is leaving India after a tenure…..

Jan-Feb 2004

Indo-Swiss Relations Have a Great Potential

David Syz, Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs, in his first official visit to India, will be a th major…