Africa, once termed a dark continent is today a vibrant region, pulsating with entrepreneurial energy. India has had centuries of trading relationship with Africa because of the proximity between the two. Today, after regional feuds and wars, the region is at last at peace with itself.The continent offers every raw material that India needs – from diamonds to gold, oil & gas to various minerals and metals. And India has the technology that Africa needs – Appropriate, Accessible and Affordable. The bilingual magazine in English & French was launched to supplement the efforts of FOCUS AFRICA programme of Ministry of Commerce.The magazine, in the last eight years, has actively promoted the India-Africa Partnership Enclaves, the highly-focused events and most strategic events of bilateral trade, which is now at an all time high.

Recent Magazine

Jan – Mar 2018

India Committed to Africa for its Economic Growth & Development

As India engages more with Africa, vistas will open up for increased participation in developing infrastructure and bilateral and multilateral trade.

Jan – Mar 2013

The World’s Fastest Growing Continent

Greetings. Come March, the Indian capital eagerly awaits the CII-EXIM Bank India-Africa Project Partnership Conclave, which has now become an annual fixture on the country’s corporate calendar.

January – March 2012

8th CII-EXIM Bank India-Africa Conclave

Somehow, the ‘Idea of March bode well for India-Africa Partnership. Just look at the way…

October – December 2011

The Next Big Growth Destination

The global investment paradigm is shifting from “should one invest in Africa” to “managing the risk…

May-July 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

India and South Africa, the two countries closely linked with each other historically…

February-April 2010

Towards a New Vision

The 6th Conclave on India-Africa Project Partnership, jointly organized by the Confederation of IndianIndustry (CII) and the Export Import Bank of India…

August-October 2009

Crucial Pact on Uranium Supply

Mr. T.C. Venkat Subramanian, Chairman and Managing Director of the Export Import Bank of India…


Tripling Two-Way Trade to $100 bn in five Years

Political and business leaders from India and as many as 32 African countries have pledged to boost bilateral…

May-July 2008

A New Summit

The First India-Africa Forum Summit has been remarkable in its ramifications for India…


Strategic Partnership With EU For Local & Global Issues

Today global attention is riveted on Africa, The reasons for this are the African region’s growing appetite for industrial investment…

May-July 2007

Regional Economic Community Soon

The Heads of State of the Economic Community of West African States…

Nov’06-Jan 2007

Partnership At A New Pinnacle

The partnership between India and Africa has touched a new pinnacle with the just concluded Conclave 2006…

Feb-Apr 2006

Redoubling Efforts to Boost Exports

Identifying Africa as the new focus market in view of its huge potential, India is intensifying its efforts…


Expanding Horizons

There is a growing affinity between India and Africa. India is an emerging economic power in search of markets. Africa is a continent of resurgent…

August-October 2005

Forging Ahead With Fortitude

Nelson Mandela, the living legend of South Africa once said: “If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal.”…

May-July 2005

Banking on a spurt in growth

Indian External Affairs Minister K.Natwar Singh visited Dakar, capital of Senegal from May 25-26, 2005 for talks on bilateral relations with President…


Where Time Stands Still A Window to Ethiopia & Egypt

The African continent has gone through major changes in terms of policies and programmes…

August-October 2004


Despite the many challenges facing Africa, considerable progress has been achieved through improved…